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Quality Assurance Program

At comphydro, inc., we are dedicated to excellence and a positive customer experience. We maintain the highest standards of business ethics and conduct and take pride in honest communication. We understand that, ultimately, our client is the warfighter; we are committed to doing our best for them and their safety.

Quality assurance program is achieved with

  • excellence in effort and product
    • elegance of solution
    • careful planning
  • positive customer experience
    • business ethics and conduct
    • honest communication
    • clear, concise documentation
  • a series of internal controls

Excellence is achieved through an iterative process of production and review, determining how close or far the outcome of that iteration is from the elegant design and implementation goal. Work is done until the goal is reached and where it would take significantly more effort to achieve any improvement. Elegance of solution encompasses the simplicity of design, maximization of utility or purpose, while minimizing unnecessary complexity.

Positive customer experience is achieved through adherence to the highest standards of business ethics and conduct. comphydro, inc. makes the necessary effort to fully understand what the customer needs and their goals, confirms such determination and works to provide exactly that, not only to the word, but also to the spirit of the request. Every effort is made to comply with all deadlines, with frequent communication of all progress and findings, providing information to keep the client well informed on the project. Additionally, the people actually working on the project, doing the work, will be part of (and review) the communication directly with the client so that nothing is lost in the translation through any intermediary/management.

Lines of communication will be open at all times should the client have any comments, concerns, or questions. Any and all communication will be honest and clear, and full understanding of that which is reported will be confirmed with the client.

Documentation is imperative for reporting what work was done, such that the work can be continued at a future date. Clear, complete and concise are all aspects required for such documentation, including the data format of the documentation. comphydro, inc. will maintain the format of the client's choice as well as an open data format that will withstand time and obsolescence.

A series of internal controls with planning, review, inspection and careful supervision will consistently be employed. Though a young company, those for whom we have worked have expressed complete satisfaction with the results. It is our hope to have every customer enjoy the same successful experience.


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